Banh Mi

banh mibanh mi

This popular Vietnamese sandwich is the object of many’s affection around the world. As its not so easy to find here in Cologne, I decided to make my own version.  A little pickled carrot and radish, pate, pulled pork, mayo and sliced chili made up this sandwich that had the perfect mixture of crunch and meatiness.  Perfect to use up some leftover pulled pork, but good enough to make pulled pork especially for!

Vietnamese Noodle Salad

Vietnamese salad

Love this salad.  Super refreshing and intensely flavourful.  Great for a light but filling weekend lunch!

Adapted from Nigella’s recipe.  I tried both the glass noodles and the rice noodles and preferred the texture and taste of the rice noodles.  Also, try soaking the shrimp for atleast 30 minutes.  They absorb much more flavour and taste gorgeous when you bite in.