Hazelnut Chocolate Muffins

Chocolate Muffins

Around 4:30 -5ish, I always start to crave a cuppa and something sweet.  Most often, I wait for my husband to come home from work and we share our days with each other, chill out and enjoy something small, sweet and tasty. English inspired Tea Time is very much alive in our household.

However, trying to counter our weekend travel eating binges with healthy weekdays makes this slightly difficult.  Since we travel most weekends, the weekdays are used as mini-detox times to prep for the coming weekend with yummy food and local treats. Its not always effective, but after binge eating, (always happens regardless of prior intentions – who can resist food in France and Italy??) its nice to eat much less and feel your stomach go back to normal!

So in the spirit of health, I decided to make these muffins.  They’re not exactly a health food, but they’re packed with healthy ingredients.  The almond flour is a great source of Vitamin E and the good Omega-3 fatty acids.  The coconut oil is great for many things and also has some heart healthy fats. Most of all, it imparts a yummy flavour.  Cinnamon is also good for a long list of things including having anti-inflammatory properties. Pretty much everything in here is good for something.  Its really only the sugar that both makes these taste amazing and nixes the healthful aspect. However, all things in moderation, thats what I tell myself!

Chocolate Muffins

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Mung Bean Curry

mung bean curry
I love cooking. I really do.  I love discovering new ingredients, new cuisines and most of all unusual combinations.  However, there are many nights where the last possible thing I want to think about is whats for dinner.  Whats for Dinner.  Quite possibly the worst phrase ever.  Sometimes its not the actual act of cooking that makes you dread the evening meal, its just the thought process of having to come up with something new and exciting, or healthy and filling day in day out.  Other times its the lack of energy to get the groceries and decipher a new and complicated recipe. On those days, mung bean curry is probably my favorite choice.

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