Pecan Tassies

Pecan Tassie

These little tartlets are just the perfect size and pack a very tasty punch.  They’re very much like a miniature pecan pie. Perfect for tea time (my obsession) or as a “light” dessert.

I have actually made these twice now. Once with pecans while in the states, once with walnuts. The ones in the picture are, as you can see, made with walnuts.  For some reason, Germans have an aversion to pecans (this is my theory anyway).

I visited about four different supermarkets looking for pecans in any shape or form and came up short.  Not only are they not available next to the 4 varieties of hazelnuts (chopped, sliced, ground, whole), 7 varieties of almonds (chopped, sliced, ground, slivered, whole, blanched, and marzipan-ed), and every other type of nut in the world, they cannot be found in any baked good or processed food anywhere.

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