Anjanee Szczupak About | Fig & Honey

Hello! I’m Anjanee, the voice behind Fig & Honey. Since I was young, food has been an important part of my life. It’s hard to escape when it is so engrained in your culture. I love to develop and cook the dishes you see here and photograph them in my kitchen in Cologne, Germany.

In 2012, I put a hold on my career as a social media manager and moved from the United States across the ocean with my husband. I’ve had the amazing opportunity to travel to over 30 countries and explore the world and all its culture.

I love the mix of cultures and cuisines in life and in food and traveling allows me to experience it all first hand. The idea of mixing together traditional methods with new ingredients is so exciting! Having the opportunity to live on three continents and travel to numerous places has greatly influenced my style and love for food.

When not traveling, I spend my days in Germany enjoying a coffee while mulling over new recipe ideas inspired by my most recent adventures. Over time my tastes and preferences have moved to a more whole foods and dairy free daily life. However, I still can’t resist the traditional goodies from my childhood from time to time!

Anjanee Szczupak About | Fig & Honey

I hope to inspire you explore the world- whether it’s in person or through food. Cook and experiment with new flavors and ingredients and you never know what you might find! Feel free to stay awhile and be sure to say hello!

If you would like to use my photos & recipes, please ask or link back to the site for the full recipe. All other enquires, please feel free to contact me .