European Road Trip: Day 5 & 6 Lake Como, Italy

LakeComo1Lake como is one of those amazing places in the world.  Possibly one of my favorites.  A week spent basking in the gorgeous sunshine of this very Italian area would be ideal. Unlucky for us, we had only 2 days. Though basking in the sun we did accomplish!


This is a place in the world that is meant to be enjoyed at a slow pace.  Have a 2 hour breakfast on the terrace and enjoy the views of the lush green hills. Spend half a day drinking a bottle of some gorgeous white wine and swim in the pool.

The area is so small and accessible, theres no reason not to wander all around the lake.  The ferries offer up a great view and the drives are usually quite interesting to say the least! Stop off in one (or all) of the little villages and have some of the best food you have ever tasted.


I have a soft spot for menu items including pasta and seafood for some reason.  A bit of chili with that and I’m in my element.  This is the best spot for all three.  The seafood pasta was amazing along with the rest of the fresh seafood from the area.If you’re in Bellagio, take a little stop at Terrazza Barchetta and ask for the white pizza with Taleggio and black truffle creme. You won’t regret it!

Where we stayed: Relais Villa Vittoria – Great service, Parisienne style shabby chic decor, cute rooms and amazing pool overlooking Lake Como.

map of como

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  3. Hi there, I am on a similar roadtrip (motorbike) from Northern England. I’m currently at my most southern point (Verona) and I am going to start heading back up towards home now. I came via London, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Germany & Austria. I am curious to know why you did not go to Lake Garda? I have been advised to go up to Sondrio, St. Moritz & Davos. Thanks for posting.

    • Hope you’ve had a great time so far, the weather has been unexpectedly great this time of year! In short, we didn’t have much time to explore both Lake Como and Garda. We chose Lake Como because it is slightly less touristy and there are more places off the beaten path. I’m sure which ever you choose will be beautiful regardless!

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