European Road Trip: Day 2 Continued – Innsbruck, Austria

Innsbruck Austria

After a great afternoon at Neuschwanstein Castle, we slowly made our way through the mountains to Innsbruck, Austria.  When you have 4 photographers in the car, 4 DSLRs and 4 iPhones, mountain drives take far longer than originally expected as every five minutes we stop for a photo-op!

Innsbruck Austria

Though we didn’t get to spend much time in this beautiful city, we did enjoy having a wander. We spend the last hours of daylight photographing the colorful houses against their alpine backdrop and exploring the narrow streets with their ornate and rather fancy architecture. I just loved all the signs above the shops advertising the contents inside.  The details are a far cry from the glaring neon signs that are found everywhere these days.

Innsbruck Austria

We had a very interesting dinner at a typical Austrian brauhaus – very very similar to the German variety (meat, meat, more meat and potatoes). As it poured down around us, we enjoyed a few beers under the covered terrace and met a great family with whom we shared some grappa and some laughs.  Great night, shame it was so short!

map of innsbruck

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